Hunting in the Deep

Avery's Journal
Ches 20th, 1398

Morning: met Theela and got Perci’s message. He is shown to a new apartment on block between Rainrun and Lackpurse lane. Met Rika and had breakfast at her apartment. Learned her story about her missing sister, Pepper. Go to Dwarf’s Bowl to help her get a job. Afternoon: Lunch at Dwarf’s Bowl. Met Fungryn. Rika gets a job. Learn about Dawn Raven, Go to meet her. Rika gets a tarot reading. Disturbing result predicts unfavorable change. Learn about Old Sorscha. Meet Sorcha. She looks into Rika’s future and says they must go under the root of the spire. 2nd Lunch at Copper Cup. Overhear guard talking about the spire. Learn that Spire is slang for Mt Waterdeep. Determine that Undermountain is probably the root. Decide that they will need a priest. Found Grog by 530. Grog reveals that the root of the spire is actually a cave entrance that he used to sleep in before the guards kicked him out. Decided to let Grog stay at his apartment.

Avery's Journal
Ches 19th, 1398

Avery arrives in Waterdeep 11:30 am. Goes to Castle to try and meet Percy but he isn’t available so he leaves a message. He rents a room at The Warms Beds. has lunch at the Copper Cup. Witnesses Grog being beaten by debtors but declines to intervene. Meets Grog when he helps him off the beach but refuses to buy him a drink. He returns to room for the night.

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